NEW! Mini Glitter Balm-Squad™ - Glowjam Minis

Easy, mess-free application
Ready-to-wear, no glue required
Certified Vegan + Cruelty-Free
Glowjam Minis -

Our Mini Glitter Balm-Squad collections are a must-have for every creative makeup lover! The LHLA Pro-Pouch carrying case (included) makes it easy to take your favorite shades with you wherever you go. A travel-sized version of our PRO-Squads, each mini set includes 6x 5mL jars each with an 8g fill weight. 

✨  Spacepaste® Illuminating Highlights: Adult Film, Cielo, Houdini, Mirage, Phantom, Sunset Strip
✨ Spacepaste® Essential Metals: Dirty Penny, Mulholland, Gildebeest, Silverlake, Groupie, Gunshow 
✨ Spacepaste® Editorial Gems:
 Malibu, Violet Hour, Jailbait, Private School, Roosevelt, Wine Safari
✨ Spacepaste® Vivid  Holochromes: Discotech, Starstruck, Wonderland, Lovesick, Bungalow, Viper
✨ Glowjam® Mini UV Glitter Collection: Commando, Electric Daze, Hollyweird, Marina, Palms + BONUS: Poproxx Spacejam®
✨ Euphoric Mini Glitter Collection: (As seen on the show!) Spacepastes: Houdini, Mulholland, Groupie, Private School + Glowjams: Electric Daze & Hollyweird

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