Spacejam® Mini Glitter Vault – Collectors Edition

$168 $256
Holiday Exclusive

HOLIDAY EXCLUSIVE – Spacejam® Mini Glitter Vault – Collectors Edition ($256 value) 

Designed with gifting in mind, the Spacejam Mini Glitter Vault includes all 16 of our coveted Spacejam® Ultra Luxe Glitter Balms in smaller and more travel-friendly glass jars. Mini jars hold 9g of product vs the 18g pro-size jars (available individually). Gift a few to all your friends, or be a sexy grinch and keep for yourself... 😈 

Spacejam shades included:

White Rabbit - Super-Iridescent Blend Shifts from a Sheer Quartz to Rainbow Opal 🌈 ✨

Sugarfish - Decadent Blend of Iridescent Melon with an Orange Crush 🍊💦✨

Lady Mercury - Cool-whipped pastels that reflect light purples, blues and holographic rainbows evoking an illuminating sugary glaze 🦄

Happy Ending (limited edition) - Imagine an Aperol spritz in highlight form. 🍹  Outrageously fabulous sheer sherbet highlight with blasts of cotton-candy pink, hazy lavender and sweet peaches 

Midnight Society - A cool-toned, heavy metal blend of holographic silver hex, moons and stars. Inspired by campfire ghost stories ✨

Seapunk - This whipped aquamarine blend may induce hallucinations of an underwater rave ✨

Melrosé - A brilliant white gold and blush with a decadent finish 🥂

Birthday Bitch - Super-packed holographic combo of confetti, stars, and a silver-pink base. It's your party, vibe if you want to ✨

Crystal Tokyo - Holographic metallics interlaced with prismatic diamonds. Inspires magic, alter egos and binge-watching anime ✨

Paradise Cove - A scandalous treasure trove of chunky rich golds, coppers + magenta sparks ✨

Interstella - Decadent holographic silver blend with a 90's intergalactic twist 🛸✨

Rainbow Road - Intense holographic gold blend teleports to outerspace go-kart races 🌈 ⭐️ 🍌

Caviar Noir - Onyx undertone with black diamond reflects. It’s unique texture gives the sought-after “wet-look” when layered over a dark base 🖤✨ 

54 (limited edition) - Rich honey with 24K gold reflects delivers instant disco fantasies. 🪩

Poproxx (limited edition) - 1960’s mod meets early 2000’s rave. This candy-coated neon explosion blend gives a bright pop of color in daylight and glows like crazy in UV.  🍭⚡️ 

Party Favor (limited edition) - Our wildest blend we’ve ever created! Party Favor includes a mix of nearly 50 different metallic, sheer and neon glitters perfectly balanced to give a fun yet still chic-AF finish. 🎉 ✨ 

Additional info: Each Spacejam Mini Vault is made to order while supplies last. This particular set will begin shipping Dec 5, 2022.

Glitter math: Price breaks down to $10.50 per Spacejam ($1.16/gm) vs. $26 ($1.44/gm) for the 18gm pro jar making this the best damn deal we've ever offered.

Side note: Most pro industry eyeshadows are approx. 1-1.5 gm. These might be called "mini jars" but they are around 6-9x the size of normal eyeshadows and will last a VERY LONG time. #themoreyouknow 

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