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Spacejam® Ultra Luxe Glitter Balm

Sale price$26.00

Color:Lady Mercury

LADY MERCURY Spacejam® is our exquisite sheer blend of cool-whipped pastels, featuring delicate light purples interspersed with iridescent rainbow prisms. This artisan glitter evokes a radiant, sugary glaze, capturing the essence of an ethereal, luminescent dessert.

AS SEEN ON: Kelly Osbourne

WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Each Spacejam® Ultra Luxe Glitter Balm has its own unique avant garde design that is just as fun to apply as it is to wear. The 90's nostalgia meets runway-ready finish make it the ultimate #GlitterForAdults. 


birthday bitch
Spacejam® Ultra Luxe Glitter Balm Sale price$26.00

About Spacejam

SPACEJAM® is a revolutionary designer glitter gel, redefining the glitter makeup game. Unlike the glitter gels of the 90s, our cutting-edge formulas are meticulously designed and handcrafted by professional makeup artists. Forget about juggling dozens of loose glitters and struggling with messy glues. We've curated the perfect blend of sizes, shapes, and colors in each gel, ensuring a flawless application every time.

Our glitter gels offer a runway or editorial-ready look in seconds, becoming a staple for celebrity makeup artists and beauty editors. Experience the magic of easy, no-mess application (no glue needed!), incredibly comfortable wear (you won't even feel it!), and a stunning high-impact finish that lasts until you're ready to remove it.

Spacejam® is one of the most unique and fun makeup products to apply once you get the hang of it. There are several ways to remove Spacejam® glitters effortlessly. Once you learn our techniques you'll feel more confident wearing glitter knowing you can apply and remove quickly and with no mess.

We've put together some video tutorials that should have you sparkling like a pro in no time!

Note: Spacejam was designed to be lightly tapped on for a touch of instant glam. If you're looking to achieve a fully opaque glitter look, use our Spacepaste Glitter Concentrates.

While Spacejam® blends are made entirely of cosmetic glitters, they are not intended to be used on the immediate eye area. Always use caution when working with any glitters and follow our tips for safest application and removal techniques.

how to use

Apply a small amount of Spacejam® from jar or Spacecase® Pro-Palette onto the back of your hand. Rub it back and forth to expose the dozens of various glitters each blend contains. Use a finger to press the glitter onto skin or buff it on with a blending brush. If applying over makeup, use a makeup sealing spray first.

To get an instant-crystal look, use a small detail brush to pick up individual glitters (before they dry) and place them in whatever design you desire without the need for stressful and time consuming tweezers and glue.

how to remove

Remove LHLA glitters easily with a damp makeup wipe or cotton round with micellaire water. You will naturally want to rub back-and-forth to remove like an eyeshadow but DO NOT do that- you will make a mess and risk getting glitter into your eyes. Simply hold the makeup wipe or damp cotton over the glitter for a few moments to allow it to release. Gently swipe off in one-direction. Fold/flip and repeat. You'll get 99% of the glitter off almost every time. Any remaining pieces will wash away with your normal cleansing routine.

Another very fast way to remove Spacejam® glitter either at home or on-the-go is with clear tape or a sticky lint roller. Most people dont have tape laying around their bathroom but if you're going to be a glitter freak like us, you just might!

glitter that's good for you


ultimate sparkle + comfortable wear


hydrates and soothes + gives our formula it's "bounce"


moisturizing antioxidant + vegan gelatin alternative


preserves + detoxifies


gives our signature nostalgic aroma