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birthday bitchbirthday bitch

12 colors available

hollyweird sheerhollyweird sheer

8 colors available

Glitter Galaxy Trio
Glitter Galaxy Trio Sale price$60.00
Mini Glitter Balm-SquadMini Glitter Balm-Squad
Mini Glitter Balm-Squad Sale price$68.00

6 colors available

Save $32.00Spacecase® Illuminating Mini PRO-PaletteSpacecase® Illuminating Mini PRO-Palette
Spacecase® Illuminating Mini PRO-Palette Sale price$124.00 Regular price$156.00
Save $50.00Spacecase® Glitter PRO-PaletteSpacecase® Glitter PRO-Palette
Spacecase® Glitter PRO-Palette Sale price$198.00 Regular price$248.00

2 colors available

coming back soonSave $50.00Spacecase® PRO BundleSpacecase® PRO Bundle
Spacecase® PRO Bundle Sale price$346.00 Regular price$396.00
BYO Glitter PRO-Squad
BYO Glitter PRO-Squad Sale priceFrom $98.00
Save $42.00illuminating highlitesIlluminating Highlites
Spacepaste® PRO-Squad Sale price$98.00 Regular price$140.00

4 colors available

Save $46.00Euphoric Glitter PRO-SquadEuphoric Glitter PRO-Squad
Euphoric Glitter PRO-Squad Sale price$98.00 Regular price$144.00
Save $45.00quick-shop-imgGlowjam® UV PRO-Squad
Glowjam® UV PRO-Squad Sale price$88.00 Regular price$133.00
coming back soonStarlites™ – Mini Glitter TrioStarlites™ – Mini Glitter Trio

2 colors available

Save $6.00Prisms™ Designer GlitterPrisms™ Designer Glitter
Prisms™ Designer Glitter Sale price$8.00 Regular price$14.00
Lemon.aid™ Mixing MediumLemon.aid™ Mixing Medium
Illuminizer™ Shimmering SanitizerIlluminizer™ Shimmering Sanitizer
"Glitter Is The Cure" Tote Bag"Glitter Is The Cure" Tote Bag

4 colors available

LHLA Pro-PouchLHLA Pro-Pouch
LHLA Pro-Pouch Sale price$8.00
LHLA Digital Giftcard
LHLA Digital Giftcard Sale priceFrom $10.00