Our Mission

Creative artistry is in the DNA of Lemonhead LA. Our mission is to create products that excite, inspire and empower makeup artists to freely express themselves without limitations. 


LEMONHEAD.LA is the brainchild of makeup artist Megan Dugan. As an artist, she craved high-impact, avant-garde makeup products that would inspire creativity, not complacency. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She began cocktailing good-for-skin ingredients with ultra-reflective glitter blends to create the first LHLA luxe glitter pastes. Soon she was making them for other makeup artists, too, as they recognized these glitters were unlike any others on the market. They were gentle, mess-free, long-lasting, and easy to use. The best glitter in the galaxy was born, and word was getting out.

Since then, LEMONHEAD.LA has garnered a cult following of It-girls, makeup artists, and beauty editors alike. Beyoncé, Margot Robbie, Emma Stone, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, and Lady Gaga are just a few of the A-listers who wear LHLA glitter. LHLA has regularly been featured in leading beauty publications such as Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, and Who What Wear, and it was famously used by Euphoria makeup artists to create some of the show’s most stunning and iconic makeup looks (Zendaya’s lavender glitter tears? Yeah, that’s HOUDINI!). In 2019 LHLA was proud to announce its collaboration with Lady Gaga’s beauty brand, Haus Laboratories. “Melrosé’ Spacejam® and ‘Silverlake’ Spacepaste® were chosen by Lady Gaga and her makeup artist Sarah Tanno to be included in Haus Labs’ first-ever holiday collection!

Despite all of the glitz and fanfare, LEMONHEAD.LA products are all still lovingly handcrafted in small batches by Megan and her trusty LHLA makeup artists in their Los Angeles office. Each product they create is made for anyone who has imagination (spoiler alert: everybody). Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or an enthusiastic beauty buff, LEMONHEAD.LA is here so you can explore your infinite artistry. Open the glitter and watch magic happen.


Lemonhead LA isn't your average beauty brand. As a professional makeup artist, I was always so frustrated with how intimidating and overly complicated creative makeup was–specifically glitter. My professional background in beauty, marketing and sales inspired me to solve this problem. In 2015, I experimented non-stop until I achieved the perfect alternative to loose glitter. The thick metallic paste was an entirely new medium. It was able to be sculpted into different shapes which was never before possible with loose glitter (or those watery gels from the 90’s). Most importantly, my glitter pastes could be removed instantly and left no mess behind! For the first 2 years I was on my own in a converted garage until I met Eden, who has become the other half of LHLA and scored the (very fitting) job title of “human disco ball”. Although we may do things a bit unconventional at times, we have grown LHLA the only way we know how– with transparency, integrity and by listening to feedback from our fans and customers. Today, many LHLA-inspired products may exist on the market, but our glitter formulas remain the top choice of celebrity artists and beauty editors because of our high quality and craftsmanship and comfortable wear. Our products continue to be proudly handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA and we remain 100% women owned and operated.

-Megan Dugan, Creator + CEO



Lemonhead LA is proud to be a brand that celebrates, promotes, sponsors and firmly supports artists in the LGBTQ+ community every day of the year. Our efforts have raised thousands of dollars for various organizations that provide a spectrum of care such as housing for homeless LGBTQ+ youth and most importantly suicide prevention. 

Promoting Diversity

Lemonhead LA 's success has been entirely "crowd-sourced." Our brand was built through the many voices and talent of our incredibly diverse community of artists and fans of all different races, genders,  cultures and beliefs. We strive to make everyone feel welcome, seen and celebrated and believe the face of our brand is every one of you.

Supporting Women

Women are an unstoppable force when we support one another. LHLA strongly stands against bullying and we will never be a brand that participates in tearing others down. I hope my brand can help ALL women feel more confident, take a chance on themselves and maybe even become entrepreneurs themselves. 


LHLA is unique because our DNA is PRO artistry. For far too long, The PRO Makeup Artist community has been neglected by brands that only pursue relationships with influencers with large followers. Our focus remains on creating industry staples that will transcend trends. We are the biggest supporters of pro artists, educators and beauty lovers everywhere. 

Supporting Small Business

All too often the hard work and creativity of artists and innovators is shamelessly copied by large corporations and competitors without credit. I have always advocated for small business owners and I will never give up the fight for stronger IP protections.

Giving Back

We were taught to measure success by the way we make others feel. Since our conception, giving back to our community has been second nature. Whether it's our annual fundraising for LGBTQ+, Celebrity Artist collaborations for charity or making/distributing thousands of hand sanitizers around Los Angeles to those in need during Covid, we are grateful to be able to make a difference. We are always looking for new ways to make positive change in the world. 

Spreading Love and Unity

It's hard to explain but our glitters have the extraordinary ability to cultivate joy, friendship and new connections. Want proof? Bring some LHLA with you next time you go out and watch what happens!