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Lemonhead.LA is proud to partner with BioGlitter® to bring more sustainable options to the beauty industry. Bioglitter® is designed to biodegrade quickly and safely in natural freshwater environments and is the only glitter with the certification that biodegrades under natural environment. Note: There are other products in the market that claim biodegradability but they are PLA based and do not biodegrade naturally. 

Prisms Biodegradable PURE shades are 100% plastic-free and will biodegrade 92% in 30 days.
Prisms Biodegradable Metallic shades are 92-97% plastic-free and will biodegrade 87% in 30 days.
Environmental Safety: Not eco toxic to fish or other aquatic life. (Ecotoxicity in aquatic environments is part of the OK WATER Certification process)

- Received an OK WATER Certification from TUV Austria, TUV Logo Serial No. S0933.
- Testing on test samples using the ISO 14851 and ISO 14852 methods for freshwater certification meeting the requirements.
- ISO 16128 test. Natural Origin Index: 93.9% to 97%
- Complies with the new European Union Micro-plastic Legislation.