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the lhla technique

Spacepaste® is one of the most simple and fun makeup products to apply once you get the hang of it. Here's some pro tips and tricks to have you sparkling in no time!

There are several ways to remove Spacepaste® glitters effortlessly. Once you learn our techniques you'll feel more confident wearing glitter knowing you can apply and remove quickly and with no mess.

We've put together some video tutorials that should have you painting like a pro in no time!


how to use

Illuminating Highlights + Lowlights: Apply a small amount of Spacepaste® from jar or Spacecase® Pro-Palette onto the back of your hand. Rub it back and forth to lay it flat then use a finger to press it onto skin. If applying over heavier makeup, use a waterproof setting spray before applying glitter. It takes only a tiny amount to achieve the desired effect. Layering too much iridescent glitter can not only make it appear flakey, but will also waste precious product. 

Metallics + Holochromes:
Use a flat synthetic brush to apply a small bead of product directly from jar to skin. Using short strokes, flatten the product into one thin layer and remove excess with either the same brush or a soft spoolie.

how to remove

The easiest way is a damp makeup wipe or cotton round with micellaire water. You will naturally want to rub back-and-forth to remove like an eyeshadow but DO NOT do that- you will make a mess and risk getting glitter into your eyes. Simply hold the makeup wipe or damp cotton over the glitter for a few moments to allow it to release. Gently swipe off in one-direction. Fold/flip and repeat. You'll get 99% of the glitter off almost every time. Any remaining pieces will wash away with your normal cleansing routine.

Another very fast way to remove Spacepaste® glitter either at home or on-the-go is with clear tape or a sticky lint roller. Most people dont have tape laying around their bathroom but if you're going to be a glitter freak like us, you just might!