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Glowjam® Cosmic UV Glitter Balm

Sale price$24.00

Color:Electric Daze

ELECTRIC DAZE Glowjam® is our Neon Yellow UV Glitter Balm.


WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Glowjam® Cosmic UV Glitter Balm is your alter-ego in a jar! They shine with a bold pop of neon by day and transform into an electric glow in the presence of UV light. Glowjam original formula contains both matte and iridescent glitters which absorb and reflect light making them fully opaque.


BONUS GIFT: LHLA Blacklight Keychain with every purchase from the Glowjam® collection 

hollyweird sheer
Glowjam® Cosmic UV Glitter Balm Sale price$24.00


GLOWJAM® Cosmic UV Glitter Balm is your alter-ego in a jar! They shine with a bold pop of neon by day and transform into an electric glow in the presence of UV light.

Choose our original Glowjam UV Glitter formula for a bold, full-coverage pop of color (similar to our Spacepaste texture) or our new Glowjam Sheer UV Glitter for a more playful everyday iridescent finish (similar to our Spacejam texture).

GLOWJAM® is one of the most exciting and vibrant makeup products you'll ever use, especially under UV light! Here are some expert tips and tricks to have you glowing in no time. Discover several hassle-free methods to remove Glowjam® effortlessly, so you can shine confidently knowing you can apply and remove it quickly and without any mess. Check out our video tutorials to become a Glowjam® pro in no time!


Glowjam® Cosmic UV Glitter Balm is the UV reactive version of our Spacepaste® glitters and should be applied using our same signature techniques. Use a flat synthetic brush to apply a small bead of product directly from jar to skin. Using short strokes, flatten the product into one thin layer and remove excess with either the same brush or a soft spoolie.

Sheer Glowjam® is similar in texture to some of our iridescent Spacejam® shades and should be applied from the jar or palette onto the back of your hand. Use your ring finger to press the glitter onto skin or buff it on with a blending brush wherever you wish to sparkle and glow. If applying over makeup, use a makeup sealing spray first.

Note: Our Sheer Glowjam shades are translucent with a pastel neon hue. They are very concentrated so a little goes a long way and is intended to be worn in a thin, single layer.


Remove LHLA glitters easily with a damp makeup wipe or cotton round with micellaire water. You will naturally want to rub back-and-forth to remove like an eyeshadow but DO NOT do that- you will make a mess and risk getting glitter into your eyes. Simply hold the makeup wipe or damp cotton over the glitter for a few moments to allow it to release. Gently swipe off in one-direction. Fold/flip and repeat. You'll get 99% of the glitter off almost every time. Any remaining pieces will wash away with your normal cleansing routine.

Another very fast way to remove Spacejam® glitter either at home or on-the-go is with clear tape or a sticky lint roller. Most people dont have tape laying around their bathroom but if you're going to be a glitter freak like us, you just might!

glitter that's good for you


ultimate sparkle + comfortable wear


hydrates and soothes + gives our formula it's "bounce"


moisturizing antioxidant + vegan gelatin alternative


preserves + detoxifies


gives our signature nostalgic aroma


UV light

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